The right material for every application

Eisele offers an extensive assortment of plastic tubes. The tubes are made of different materials depending on the particular application. They are available in numerous colours, which for example enables colour coding for different fluids. Customers who choose a complete solution comprising a connection and tube benefit from full compatibility of the components. Manufactured to close tolerances, the complete tube solutions are also suitable for applications with requirements for zero leakage.

Product number: 99003-
from 14,50 €*
Product number: 99004-
from 9,00 €*
Product number: 99005-
from 24,50 €*
Perbunan (NBR) with metal braiding
Product number: 99009-
from 107,50 €*
Product number: 99118-
from 33,50 €*
Polyether-polyurethane (PU-H)
Product number: 99150-
from 15,00 €*
Polyether-polyurethane (PU-H)
Product number: 99151-
from 15,00 €*