Pneumatic connections in four versions for compressed air, vacuum and gases

With the pneumatic fittings of the Eisele BASICLINE our customers can choose from approximately 4,000 standardised connection components made of high-quality materials. This ensures access to a complete spectrum of screw-in fittings, push-in fittings and quick-release couplings, as well as functional threaded connections. In addition, an extensive assortment of accessories and tubes is also available.

The high-level workmanship and the low manufacturing tolerances of our pneumatic fittings set the Eisele BASICLINE apart from the components offered by other suppliers. Our pneumatic components feature quality made in Germany and a long service life. The BASICLINE offers connections of the following materials: anodised aluminum, brass, nickel-plated brass, and galvanised steel.

The extensive accessories of the Eisele BASICLINE, which also includes manifold blocks and manifold strips, as well as ALU PRO 30 aluminium pipe fittings, you can implement entire compressed air systems, manifolds and pneumatic circuits.

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Product number: 612-
from 2,01 €*
Product number: 663-
from 2,35 €*
Product number: 686D-
from 71,26 €*
Product number: 675-
from 7,02 €*
Product number: 621-
from 2,55 €*
Product number: 629-
from 2,44 €*
Product number: 617-
from 3,07 €*
Product number: 641-
from 3,82 €*
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